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About Us

Making Dreams Come True

DJs are not distinguished by the type of equipment they use or the number of songs in their libraries.   (Generally speaking - all professional DJs will have similar sound systems, lighting packages and wireless mics).  


What sets us apart and far above the other dj services is our entertainment abilities, our polished performances, organization and our music programming.  Programming the music for your event is not just playing songs like an iPod, it's reacting to your guests and reading the dance floor which drives the songs we play to keep your guests having fun and dancing.


Our DJs have spent thousands of hours practicing and performing so that on your special day, our abilities will shine and you and your guests will have an amazing, memorable event. 

We have perfected our craft over the last 20 years.  We have eliminated the guess work and stress from your event, which ultimately results with you relaxing and enjoying your event.


Our DJs perform all over Colorado weekly at events, weddings, nightclubs & radio shows.  Our skills and experience far surpass other djs in our market.  Most of our competitors don't perform in a year the amount of time we do in one month.  We entertain an average of 2000 guests with over 40 hours of performances each week. 

We know better than anyone else how to keep your guests dancing and involved during your event.

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The All Star DJs Team
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